9 Reasons to Join our Social Club

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Reason #1: Free to Join

Need we say more? When it comes to the Nine Hats Social Club, it’s all about being social, enjoying your favorite wine, making memories — and the discounts are pretty nice, too. It’s hard to turn down $free.99, especially when you taste our wines and find yourself liking every single one in the portfolio — so why not sign up to get Nine Hats wine delivered right to your door?

Reason #2: Your Wines, Your Way

Whether you’re a red wine lover, white wine lover, or you just love all wine, we have you covered! At Nine Hats Wines, we offer both 12 and 24-bottle club tier options and you can choose all reds or reds and whites. You have the option to ship your wines to your door in the spring and fall or you can pick them up in SODO at the Nine Hats tasting room. We know your schedule can get busy so if you’re in the area you can pick up your wines AND do a tasting. Boom. Check two tasks off your to-do list!

Reason #3: Complimentary Tastings

Speaking of tasting wine, when you become a Social Club member, friends are always welcome! Your benefits include complimentary tastings for up to 3 guests (depending on which tier you choose). Our tasting room is your tasting room, and everyone who walks through our door is family.

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Reason #4: Nine Pies Pizzeria

If you read our last blog, “Nine Hats Wine & Nine Pies Pizza — The Perfect Pair,” you know that pizza and wine are two of our favorite things — especially together! Right next to our tasting room is Nine Pies Pizzeria, home of New York-style pizza where you can indulge in one of our delicious pies or create your own. As a Social Club member, you have access to the pizzeria whenever you come into the tasting room. During our monthly C U Last Tuesday (CULT) movie nights, a VIP ticket for two gets you a whole pie and a bottle of wine for only $45. Or, come watch the movie for free and use your Social Club discount on your wine bottle purchases for the night. Just like pizza and wine, it’s a win-win.

Reason #5: Discounts!

Discounts are great but discounts on your favorite wines, whenever you want, is even better! When choosing the 12-bottle club tier, you receive a 10% discount on any wine purchase under 12 bottles and 15% off of a case or more. If you go with the 24-bottle club tier, you’ll get 20% off all wine purchases. If you’re anything like us, it’s hard to buy just one bottle during a visit. Think about all the money you’ll save by becoming a Social Club member! That’s not all though — when it comes to events, you will also receive preferential pricing on tickets.

Reason #6: Priority Access to Limited Edition Wines

When you join the Social Club, you’re automatically rewarded, especially when it comes to having priority access to limited edition reserve wines. As a 24-bottle club member, you’ll get primary access. As a 12-bottle club member, access is dependent on availability. These wines come in limited quantity, making them a collector’s item. Currently, we’re offering the first vintage of a Reserve Chardonnay, Reserve GSM, and a Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon.

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Reason #7: Social Club Pickup Parties

For our Social Club members (or soon-to-be members) who choose to pick up their wine allocations, get ready for a day of delicious pizza, new friends, and your favorite Nine Hats wines! These member only events happen twice a year and are a great chance to mingle with other club members while picking up (and drinking!) wine. Tickets are complimentary for the Social Club, all you need to do is RSVP!

Reason #8: Let's Get Social!

In the SODO district, we love getting social with our members and neighbors. That’s what wine is all about for us — enjoying it with new friends and old. By joining the Nine Hats Social Club, we can guarantee you’ll get to do just that. We offer a variety of events all year-round from movie nights to Bingo nights as well as trivia nights! Make sure to visit our events page to see what we have coming up! Did you know that we have game night happy hour every Thursday from 5-7pm? Join us next time to relax, unwind, grab some New York-style pizza next door, and enjoy your favorite wines.

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Reason #9: Our Fun-Loving Staff

Now, we may be a little bias about this one but if we’re being honest, a huge bonus of joining our Social Club is getting to be social with some of our incredible staff members. Nine times out of ten, you’ll see one of these friendly faces when visiting us in SODO. There’s Jonathan McBride, our outgoing, piano-playing Tasting Room Lead, Tasting Room Manager Ryan Shoup (ask him about his upcoming wedding!), and Nina Depiesse our dedicated Wine Club Manager. All three are long-time employees who will immediately make you feel part of the Nine Hats family.

If you enjoy quality, everyday, affordable Washington wines, making connections that will last a lifetime, and a variety of fun (and wine) filled events, then the Nine Hats Social Club is for you! If you’re wondering where to sign up, it’s easy! Just visit our wine club page, choose which tier you want, enter your information, and instantly reap the benefits. We can’t wait to have you as part of the Nine Hats family. Be sure to tag us on social media to share all your Nine Hats Wines adventures with us, and we hope to see you in SODO real soon. Cheers!

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