On Mother's Day, Moms do the Wining

What do moms really want for Mother’s Day?

Author Gina Burch conducted an impromptu, thoroughly unscientific poll of some of her mom friends, asking that exact question. While a date with Brad Pitt was most exciting and a farm in Italy the most eccentric, the second-most popular request was a combination of peace, quiet and relaxation — think a day at the beach or spa.

Number one, however, was quality time with family and children, mostly children who are now in the grown-up category.

Such quality time comes in many different packages. For her, those packages have corks in them and are best unwrapped over a long lunch or dinner, without regard to time, sharing stories over food and a good bottle of wine...

2015 Nine Hats Merlot
Moms where a lot of hats. Nine could be an accurate number on any given day but none taste as good as this wine from Columbia Valley in Washington State. This small-production wine is a beautiful deep ruby red. The addition of some cabernet franc and petite verdot result in a wine that is rich and velvety, with black and blue fruits. It’s a great value wine for that valuable time spent with mom.

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