The Social Club


You know our wines as "The Perfect _________ Wine." The approachability and variety that we offer across our Nine Hats line up makes our wines ideal for just about any situation. Our customers love to let us know how and when they are enjoying our wines. For example, "The Perfect Good Book on a Rainy Day Wine," or "The Perfect the Kids are Finally Asleep Wine."

Nine Hats wines are made to be enjoyed everyday and we encourage you to celebrate the small wins in life, like being able to take a bubble bath without interruption. It's this fun and approachable nature of our wines that we strive to carry over to our wine club: The Social Club.

Like other wine clubs, we offer generous discounts, early access to our wines, and complimentary tastings. However, we have two things a lot of other wineries don't: fantastic and affordable wines AND a ton of exciting events that you won't want to miss.

It's this combination that our Social Club loves. Members can trust that the wines they are drinking are made with care for the wine, our customers, and our team. They also know that the quality for the price point is hard to match.

Secondly, well, we host a lot of cool events at our SODO tasting room. From Bingo nights to monthly movies, trivia nights, yoga sessions, flower arranging classes, painting instruction and more, we are a one-stop shop of activities to add to your calendar. As a member you get first notice of these events and can enjoy some perks along the way.

Even if you don't live nearby, having access to wines that you know you love is worth the savings alone.

We think Pam from Rancho Mirage, CA sums it up well, "I have told numerous friends about your wine, and now they love to stock up. We moved to California and I just can't find affordable wines that I like. We joined the Social Club when we gave up on our experimenting and decided to stay with what we know and love."

We couldn't agree more. When you find what you love, stick with it.

If you have any questions about our Social Club or are interested in joining, you can find full details here.

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