Why Washington Wines? Part 4: Riesling

NH Riesling Pour Outside

As we settle into the hottest and last full month of summer, we’re looking to enjoy refreshing and easy-drinking wines, and our Riesling fits the bill!

With a reputation for being a sweet wine, Riesling is often overlooked by those who prefer a dry style wine. But, this extremely versatile varietal can range from bone dry to sweet, providing a Washington Riesling for every palate.

Riesling has a deep, rich history in the Washington state wine scene with the first planting dating back to 1967. With over 6,000 acres, it’s now the 4th most widely planted varietal in Washington, making us home to the largest Riesling region in America. As a staple varietal on the Washington wine scene, it’s no surprise that our state embraces all different Riesling production styles. Our climate may be slightly warmer than Alsace and Germany, but given these higher temperatures, our vines produce grapes that create full-flavored yet elegant wines. During our winemaking process, we’re able to protect and embrace the acidity created by the cool evenings in our state’s valleys to ensure high-quality Riesling.

For our Nine Hats Riesling, we aim for a versatile, off-dry style. You can enjoy a refreshing, complex, satisfying glass on its own, or the bottle can accompany a variety of dishes on your dinner table with ease. Since our mission is to produce high-quality wines with an approachable palate, we find this winemaking style in our 2019 Riesling enhances the notes of citrus, jasmine, pear, and honeydew melon. Riesling can come in different iterations of sweetness, but you can also find a wide breadth of fruit profiles. From bright, crisp apple to rich stone fruits, there’s bound to be a Riesling out there that’ll hit the spot.

Not only does this grape thrive in our soils, but it also thrives in complement to the Pacific Northwest’s food scene. With an abundance of seafood as well as Asian influence, Riesling is a perfect pairing for Pacific Northwest (PNW) staples. Enjoying a spicy Thai dish? Reach for an off-sweet to a sweet-styled bottle to help combat that kick. Savoring a seafood stew? A glass of off-dry or dry will complement the depth of the stew and help refresh your palate between bites.

If you haven’t already tried or stocked up on our 2019 Riesling, we invite you to visit our tasting room and taste it for yourself. You’ll be a Washington Riesling fan before you walk out of the door!

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